Chinese man presents steel plaque to his wife for giving birth to their daughter, but gets the date of birth wrong

A husband in China has gone viral for commemorating the birth of his daughter with a large stainless steel plaque, continuing a romantic tradition between the couple.

The plaque was gifted by the man, surnamed Li, to his wife after she gave birth to their daughter. It reads: “Congratulations on having a baby girl! Giving birth to a child is awesome, Zhang Yingxiao! August 2022.”

Since the plaque was created in advance, it incorrectly lists the daughter’s birth as August 2022, even though she was born on July 31.

“My wife’s expected delivery date was August 6, but she started having contractions on July 30 and gave birth to our child the next day,” Li shared Wutong video.

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The couple, who live in Yantai, eastern China’s Shandong province, began their tradition of commemorating special occasions with stainless steel plaques in 2021. Li had sent his wife a plaque last year that said: “Our love is as strong like stainless steel! Zhang Yingxiao, I love you. 2021520.”

Stainless steel plaques have since become an inside joke between the couple.

“The plaques are a symbol of our deep love,” Li said. “This plaque can be kept forever and is very meaningful.”

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Li added that he could not afford a fancier plaque due to his limited budget.

Weibo users were amused by the gift to Lis, with some fun with the couple.

“The sense of ceremony is very important!” a user commented.

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“When she saw her wife’s expression, she almost rolled her eyes,” wrote another user.

The video has received 4.5 million views and 60,000 likes since it was uploaded on July 31.

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